Look Up and Beyond (Student Edition)

The biggest tragedy is seeing a young person live way below their potential and give up even before they've started. "Look Up and Beyond" was created to change and save lives with practical, engaging and reflective strategies that students can use to become resilient, emotionally healthy and purpose driven with a unique vision. Every parent, counselor and mentor will want their students to know these trauma informed strategies. This book will allow the reader to break free from their challenging past, press forward and create the bright future they rightfully deserve!

My Colored World

This fascinating book is based on a true story of tragedy turned into triumph. A memoir that shares how a young girl finds her way through the valley of despair back to wholeness and freedom. After reading this book the reader will walk away feeling inspired and hopeful while being equipped to overcome any adversity they may face in their own life.


"A heart-felt, wise, honest, and tender book. Enormously helpful to those who may be facing hopelessness at the moment."

Imani Coles
Co-Founder of Dream Art

"While everyone has to play the hand they are dealt, Jessica's life story shows that it's possible to leverage unfortunate experiences to a place of triumph."

Terry Winston
President of New York Leadership Foundation

"Transparent, heartfelt & passionate, Jessica not only communicates with her audience, she connects."

Terry Winston
President of NY Leadership Foundation

"I am always asked to read books about people's lives, challenges and how they overcame. Usually, they take the style of victim to victor and "poof" like magic, all gone! Not this book. Jessica gives a realistic view of her challenges growing up, takes ownership of her feelings and shares her success. She even gives you a personal development lesson along the way. I love that she tells us to own what happened, how to forgive and how to move on. I would recommend this book to everyone, from all walks of life."

Richard Pacheco

"Wow! This book is stunning. This memoir has many twists and can't imagine anyone living to tell this tale. In "My Colored World: A Memoir" Mrs. Janniere puts forth her heart-wrenching story in calm, rational prose. It is a story that told a story that needed to be told. Her life is a wonderful testament"

Barbara McLean

"Your memoir took us on an intense journey that we all can say, had an impact on how we view our lives and the lives of others. Not everyone could be so transparent. May God bless you for sharing your story and through His grace, may many lives be transformed after reading My Colored World."

Just Sisters Book Club

"What a great read. I could not put this book down. "My Colored World" is a stunning, first person view of Jessica Janniere's world, and her unique account of growing up inside a loving and comfortable existence in Germany - to suddenly living as an outsider in the tough streets of Queens, New York. Jessica's epic journey is one of intense struggle, love and perseverance. "My Colored World" - is an honest and true testament of the human spirit - and of course to the author.... Jessica Janniere. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your incredible story"

Chuck Wimbley

"I read this book in a day. I just could not put it down. Thank you, Jessica, for having the courage to share your story. To see you one would never know how far God has brought you. This book is a great source of inspiration if you feel like giving up, or if you feel that no one understands your pain or go through. Jessica's story is proof that at the appointed time God WILL come in and turn your situation around. We must all remember to wait in faith. I will continue to "Look up and Beyond"

Tricia Johnsen

"Where do I start with "My Colored World"? The title alone alludes to some unexpected twists. This action-packed memoir lays out the harrowing tale of a young girl yanked out of her element and planted in the middle of a community that rejects her, and is laden with drugs, neglect and emotional abuse. I couldn't put it down - mostly because I wondered how in the world she would survive! By the time I reached the end, I was in tears. A true story of hope, restoration and faith. You MUST read it!"


"What an amazing book! I found myself crying and feeling so connected to her story. She has truly shared her heart and her life. I would recommend this to teens as well as adults."